Edible Innovation

New Earth Superfoods is passionate about creating Superfoods that are Nutrient Dense, High Quality and Great Tasting. We also sprout, ferment, or marinate our many Superfoods to step up their nutritional value. All food and products are Non-GMO and never contain gluten, soy, dairy or harmful extracted sugars.

Healing and Detoxifying Foods

BreadWe are committed to creating the highest quality, best tasting Superfoods that offer amazing health benefits. See our variety of very unique Healing Berries.

Fresh Juices and Smoothies

juicesWe enhance traditional juices and smoothies by using our unique probiotic and freeze dried products. This means better taste and better health.

Probiotic Coconut Kefir and Yogurts

yogurtNon-dairy coconut kefir that does not convert to alcohol! This coconut yogurt is the first of its kind, tasting great while simultaneously rebuilding probiotic systems in the body.