Why Our Probiotic Yogurts Are Different Than Conventional Yogurts and Probiotic Supplements

Pill and powder probiotics are largely killed off by stomach acids and do not survive storage. Most conventional yogurts contain low quality probiotics, fillers, and sugars. Unlike store-bought probiotics, we designed our yogurt with large amounts of high quality probiotics that survive storage, stomach acids and deliver the potency indicated on the label.

Our Products

We offer a variety of delicious and nutritious Raw and Vegan Probiotic enhanced foods. Click on the links below to learn more about each of product we offer at the cafe:


Probiotic Kefir Drinks



Wondering what Probiotics are used for?

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Probiotics and Autism

Probiotics have been used to prevent or reduce the risk of ASD for infants aged 0-3. The aim is to protect their digestive and immune systems by using probiotics at appropriate dosages prior, during and after any intervention, such as antibiotics or vaccinations, that affect negatively the intestinal… Read more

Probiotics and Candida

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Wondering what Probiotics are in our products?

Visit our Probiotic List page for a handy list of all the probiotic bacteria found in our products


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