We proudly introduce our 100% non-dairy “Living” Kefir culture powder as a powerfully healing supplement for all of our programs. This Kefir culture powder produces a delicious fizzy drink, loved by adults and kids. Kefirs are typically cultured with dairy Kefir grains – our’s isn’t! Development took long as common dairy Kefir grains have become weak, unstable and tend to ferment into alcohol. We spent an entire year developing robust new dairy-free Kefir cultures and an ingenious solution to allow us to easily pass the goodness on to you: a super-stable kefir powder containing an impressive combination of beneficial cultures.

Kefir Probiotic List

Species Lactobacillus
L. acidophilus
L. alactosus
L. brevis
L. bulgaricus
L. casei subsp. casei
L. casei subsp. pseudoplantarum
L. casei subsp. rhamnosus
L. casei subsp. tolerans
L. coryneformis subsp. torquens
L. fructosus
L. hilgardii
L. homohiochi
L. plantarum
L. psuedoplantarum
L. reuterietc
L. yamanashiensis
Species Streptococcus
S. agalactiae
Sr. bovis
S. cremeris
S. faecalis
S. lactis
S. mutans
S. pneumoniae
S. pyogenes
S. salivarius
S. suis
S. viridans
Species Pediococcus
P. damnosus
Species Leuconostoc
L. mesenteroides
Species Bacillus
B. subtilis
B. graveolus
Species Saccharomyces
S. bayanus
S. boullardii
S. cerevisiae
S. florentinus
S. pretoriensis
S. uvarum
Species Kloeckera
K. apiculata
Species Hansenula
H. yalbensis
Species Candida
C. gueretana
C. lamica
C. valida
Species Torulopsis
T. insconspicna