Our Mission

It is a new concept to have comfort foods being actually really healthy. So the idea of ‘Health Cafes’ was born, being far more then just a juice or coffee bar.

Here, we serve unique and actually revolutionary health foods with new and delicious tastes. Our idea has now been spreading around the whole globe and therefore the reference to a “New Earth”; a new start. That is ‘Conscious living with a loving approach to all life on this planet’. We are expressing this passion with our gluten free vegan Superfoods. So we feel that every moment we all here are creating a ‘New Earth’ through our conscious actions. And this is our way of expressing our creativity and love. The “New Earth” concept is our contribution where foods are created with love and light.

Our Vision

We recognize that if you take a small seed, plant it in good soil, and give it light, water and love, it will grow… and at its own pace. Other businesses start with profit goals and then find products to meet those goals. Many of these businesses, especially in the corporate health industry, have a pyramid model that involves a large group of people who pay from the bottom. We put product first, so our integrity lies in the quality of these products. We flip the traditional pyramid model on its head; we’re of service to others. We put ourselves at the bottom of the pyramid, investing our energies into healing our customers and clients. This is why we hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards of quality.

Where We Come From

We’ve devoted our entire adult lives to enhancing and improving our (and others’) health. Our research and efforts proved effective for nourishing, preventing, and protecting our bodies. We utilize good bacteria (probiotics), freeze-dried berries, veggie, grass, and juice powders. Not only are we living proof of their healing properties, but we’ve witnessed life-changing miracles in many of our friends. We are excited to create and share these incredible raw foods and powders that offer supreme tastes and amazing benefits!

Our ingredients have not been treated with harmful substances or been pasteurized, synthetically altered, or been exposed to chemical treatments.

NewEarthSuperfoods.com and the Health Cafe are instrumental stepping stones in realizing our vision of a reverse pyramid, health business model.

Rishi & Eva (New Earth Founders)

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