Even though our Parmigiana is not from Italy it certainly has it’s California Walnut appeal. As a spread on one of our wonderful breads, a little tomato, onion or even garlic. Some dill or hot peppers. There are so many choices for this and it’s good for you!

This creation is actually a great alternative to existing animal cheeses.

It contains none of these pesty sticky animal proteins and rennets. It also will be a alternative to those with milk allergies.
Our Walnuts are organic, of course, and contain incredible health benefits. For Centuries in many cultures Walnuts have been used in healing applications. It certainly is no accident that Walnuts look very much like our human brain as it contains the highest amount of ALA of any food, the plant based Omega 3.
We use Celtic Sea Salt, the best Nutritional yeast and Walnuts for this great cheese sprinkle. It tastes great in many applications but particularly good with Buckwheat Spaghetti.