Why We’re Different

Pill and powder probiotics are largely killed off by stomach acids and do not survive storage. Most conventional yogurts contain low quality probiotics, fillers, and sugars. Unlike store-bought probiotics, we designed our yogurt with large amounts of high quality probiotics that survive storage, stomach acids and deliver the potency indicated on the label.



Our Realization

It all started with the appreciation of the super tiny things in life!

At one point on our journey to optimal health, we came across more and more research on the importance of micro-organisms in our environment and certainly within our bodies. Soon we realized that certain foods and products contain living information and deliver it to our body in ways that ancient cultures used for centuries. Fermentation and culturing of foods can be very beneficial and newer research clearly points to its application in many health related challenges.

We feel strongly that the real genius came into play when we found that specific probiotics are enhancing several dormant qualities of particular foods. One of which is coconut. In conjunction with probiotics, amazing properties surface via culturing.

It certainly didn’t take us long to experience first hand benefits of these amazing high potency cultured yogurts. Shortly after, we knew this was far too good to keep just for ourselves. Our company, New Earth Probiotics, was born with the intention of sharing this miraculously healing food with all those who would like to experience its benefits.

It became our passion and our mission to extend this living form of food to everyone.

Being here on the central coast, and ironically ‘just a stone’s throw’ away from the largest living organism on Earth – the Pacific Ocean, allows us to connect with our clients on a personal level, as well as have the ability to send our product virtually anywhere.

We are passionate about our products and happy to share all that we know. Just ask!

Gunter & Eva (New Earth Founders)