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Gut Bacteria Might Guide The Workings Of Our Minds

by ROB STEIN November 18, 2013 3:07 AM Illustration by Benjamin Arthur for NPR Could the microbes that inhabit our guts help explain that old idea of “gut feelings?” There’s growing evidence that gut bacteria really might influence our minds. “I’m always by profession a skeptic,” says Dr. Emeran Mayer, a professor of medicine and psychiatry at the […]

Chowing Down On Meat, Dairy Alters Gut Bacteria A Lot, And Quickly

by MICHAELEEN DOUCLEFF December 11, 2013 1:34 PM To figure out how diet influences the microbiome, scientists put volunteers on two extreme diets: one that included only meat, egg and cheese and one that contained only grains, vegetables and legumes. Morgan Walker/NPR Looks like Harvard University scientists have given us another reason to walk past the cheese […]